Zero Day Defense


In this video, MicroArx technology automatically detects, defeats and defends an Edge device against a sophisticated attacker without missing a beat.

Active Zero Day Defense

Zero days are hackers' most formidable weapons.

Zero days are hackers' most formidable weapons.

Zero Days are cyber security vulnerabilities that hackers know about, but you and your vendors don't know about.  They are holes in even an up to date system's armor that are wide open to attack.

On any given day, there are hundreds of known Zero Day exploits that vendors race to patch their systems to defend against.  And attackers are turning Zero Days from theoretical vulnerabilities into weaponized exploits faster than ever.  On average, it takes only four days from the time that a Zero Day is discovered until hackers can use it in the real world.

But, the list of known Zero Day exploits is just the tip of the iceberg.  We also know that there are many many Zero Day exploits that don't get published.  And that never see the light of day until after they've been used to attack a system.

Known Zero Days are just the tip of the iceberg.

Known Zero Days are just the tip of the iceberg.

An active market for mayhem

One of the reasons we know this hidden arsenal of Zero Days exists is because there is an active market for buying and selling undisclosed Zero Day exploits.  Exploits sell for tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Since they can be used to do millions of dollars worth of damage, buying these undisclosed Zero Day exploits is a cost effective way for attackers to gain an advantage.

Hacking: extortion the 21st century way

As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have gained traction, they have unlocked a compelling business model for hackers.  Prior to Bitcoin, hackers were typically either joyriders or sophisticated state-backed professionals.

Joyriders, while a real dangers, were typically not malicious.  And state-backed professionals, while extremely dangerous, are relatively rare.  But cryptocurrencies created a vast new landscape of criminal hackers out to extort their victims.

Because many cryptocurrency transactions are untraceable and irreversible, a wave of ransomware attacks swept the Internet, and they're here to stay.  Predicted to cause $8 Billion in damage in 2018, ransomware strikes companies of all kinds.  In 2015, for example, hackers caused "massive damage" to a steel plant in Germany after the plant owners refused to pay hackers' demands.

Defending Against Zero Days

Because Zero Days are out there, and because many critical systems are difficult or impossible to update quickly, companies that want to be resilient to these kind of attacks can't simply rely on their vendors publishing patches and their operations teams applying those patches.

Instead, MicroArx provides a suite of software and firmware that together provide a comprehensive defense against Zero Days.  This IP is easy to integrate into off-the shelf Edge Computing and IoT devices to give them a robust defense against Zero Day attacks.


Zero Day Detect

MicroArx Zero Day Detect technology monitors the software running on your device to ensure that it is running as designed.  Zero Day Detect technology senses when a Zero Day attack, or any other attack, starts to affect your running code,  When this occurs, the Zero Day Detect technology sends an alert, typically within a few milliseconds.  The device can halt and wait for manual intervention or, using other MicroArx technology, take immediate action.

Learn about the technical specifications here.


Zero Day Defeat

Once MicroArx Zero Day Detect finds an attack, MicroArx Zero Day Defeat can automatically rid a system of the attacking code and return to a working, productive state.  Typically, this entire process takes as little as a few milliseconds.  For systems that control critical infrastructure and assets, the MicroArx Zero Day Defeat capability allows these assets and infrastructure to be resilient in the face of sophisticated attacks.

Learn about the technical specifications here.


Zero Day Defend

After an attack is detected and destroyed, MicroArx Zero Day Defend reconfigures the target system to scramble the hacker's attack vector.  Once activated, the defense disables the previous attack and forces the attacker, at a minimum, to re-engineer their attack before trying again.  Hackers are after the best bang for their engineering buck, and forcing this re-engineering work is a powerful deterrent.

Learn about the technical specifications here.


MicroArx Zero Day Defense is enhanced Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) for Edge and embedded devices.

Edge and embedded devices have unique security requirements that existing RASP systems don’t meet.

Without auto-recovery to restore Edge devices to normal operation in real time, even an “unsuccessful” attack can halt an industrial plant, hospital or other critical infrastructure.

The MicroArx Security Suite enables auto recovery, typically in milliseconds, along with a host of other capabilities tailored for Edge systems.

MicroArx Zero Day Defense is RASP for the Edge

MicroArx Zero Day Defense is RASP for the Edge


Data Diode Module

MicroArx Data Diode technology (as used in the DD-Series) is available as a module as well. With the Data Diode module, you can incorporate hardware enforced one-way network traffic control inside your network appliance, edge device or other project.

Leveraging commercially available off-the-shelf hardware, the Data Diode Module allows OEMs to quickly and easily include best in class network security capabilities into their designs.

Hardware Hardened Cryptography


Securing your Edge or IoT device against attacks using MicroArx' Zero Day Defense protects your device against direct attacks.  When it comes to protecting your devices' communications, MicroArx' Hardware Hardened Cryptography provides a secure, accelerated platform.  With this technology your system can use industry standard SSL and SSH open protocols to securely communicate.  The MicroArx Hardware Hardened Cryptography offloads the crypto workload from the processor and runs it in a sphere protected from attack


Hardware Hardened Network Security

MicroArx Hardware Hardened Network Security provides a comprehensive set of network security capabilities.  Whether a firewall, data diode or deep packet inspector, MicroArx technology makes it easy to design robust network security devices in which the critical security capabilities are located in hardware, and protected from attack.  MicroArx can also provide hardware hardened network stacks for both Ethernet and Modbus networks, to provide an true end-to-end hardened network security capability.

Xilinx and Zynq are registered trademarks of Xilinx Corporation.

Xilinx and Zynq are registered trademarks of Xilinx Corporation.

Use Off The Shelf Hardware

All MicroArx Edge Security products run on widely available off the shelf hardware.  The Xilinx Zynq family of processors supports the entire MicroArx Edge Security line, and provides powerful and efficient industry standard ARM Cortex A9 processors.  

With MicroArx Edge Security and the Xilinx Zynq, you can build great Edge and IoT solutions with best in class security, quickly and easily.