MicroArx secure gateways

MicroArx Secure Gateways provide data diode security and guaranteed data transport


Until now, no system has combined the security of data diodes with the ability to guarantee that data successfully transits the system.

The MicroArx Secure Gateway provides state of the art security along with state of the art data integrity technology.

MicroArx Secure Gateways provide hardware that physically enforces a one way flow of data. Data flows out to the Internet, but no data from the Internet can reach your critical production assets. At the same time, the MicroArx Secure Gateway ensures that every bit of data that you send through it reaches its destination, or else provides an error or alert to the sending system.

As one-way data transfer systems, data diodes are cybersecurity tools that isolate and protect networks or individual assets from external cyber threats and prevent penetration from any external sources. The Department of Homeland Security, with advice from the FBI and NSA, recommends using data diodes, such as the MicroArx Secure Gateway, to protect industrial and infrastructure assets.

Key Secure Gateway Facts

  • Supports up to 10 Mbps data transfer

  • Hardware enforced diode technology

  • Data transport guarantees

  • Developer friendly SDK


The hardware-based nature of data diodes, enforced by the fundamental laws of physics, places them at the highest possible level of security, short of physically disconnecting the network and not allowing any data to flow in or out.

Developer Friendly SDK

All MicroArx Secure Gateways come with software development kits (SDKs) that permit rapid development of rich proxy applications to transport traffic for particular applications across the device. The SDK supports both Linux and Windows 10, which allows developers to deploy Secure Gateways into any production environment.

MicroArx Secure Gateway

Secure Gateway

Secure Gateway

The MicroArx Secure Gateway provides maximum flexibility, convenience, security and reliability.  With support for 10 Mbps data transfer, the MicroArx Secure Gateway creates a one-way data connection to provide best in class security and with 100% data transport guarantees.

Using MicroArx' hardware security technology, the Secure Gateway uses the laws of physics to prevent any data from the Internet from reaching your internal network.

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