Data Diodes & Secure Gateways

DD Series Data Diode

DD Series Data Diode

One way data connections enforced by the laws of physics, endorsed by the laws of economics.

MicroArx Data Diodes allow any existing asset, anywhere, to send data to the Cloud or an internal network without allowing any data to come back over the connection. This one way Data Diode or unidirectional gateway approach gets data where it needs to go while protecting your critical assets using the laws of physics.  And, none of them require any changes to your current network configuration.

MicroArx Data Diodes are perfect for companies that need to transform their business with data, and want to rely on simple, reliable, cutting-edge cybersecurity.


  • Do not require any changes to your existing network

  • Enforce a one-way data path so that your asset is protected.


Before MicroArx Data Diodes, connecting important assets to the Internet meant relying on risky software-enforced security or on expensive Data Diode technology costing tens or hundreds of thousands more.

With MicroArx Data Diodes, connecting critical assets is easy and secure.

MicroArx Secure Gateway

MicroArx Secure Gateway

MicroArx Secure Gateways combine one way data connections enforced by the laws of physics with MicroArx data integrity technology to ensure that data sent across the gateway arrives on the otherside intact and unaltered.

Applications such as database replication, anomaly detection, machine learning and others often require that no data is lost in transit. The MicroArx Secure Gateway provides a unique combination of data diode security and data integrity.

Before the MicroArx Secure Gateway, organizations had to either compromise on security or accept a “fire and forget” mode of data transfer, which can result in data loss. The MicroArx Secure Gateway provides both security and reliable data transport.


Developer Friendly

Both the MicroArx DD-Series Data Diode and the Secure Gateway come with developer friendly SDKs that allow you to build rich applications on top of MicroArx appliances. These SDKs permit rapid development of custom proxy applications.

MicroArx Data Diodes and Secure Gateways are protected by currrent and pending US patents.