Microarx Data Diode Technology


MicroArx Data Diodes Protect Your Assets Using the laws of physics

A data diode allows data to flow in one direction, but not the other.  A simple concept, but one that transforms industrial cybersecurity.  With a data diode, you can send data from a critical industrial asset to the Cloud without worrying that attackers from the Cloud will be able to reach your asset.

Data diodes have been required for years in the highest security environments such as military bases and nuclear plants.  But to date data diodes have been extremely expensive and were often challenging to configure.

The MicroArx DD, DT, and DE Series uses the laws of physics, like other data diodes do, to ensure that data can flow only in one direction.  But, the MicroArx Data Diodes cost a small fraction (often less than 1%) of what other data diodes do, and are easy to install and use.