At The Edge

Disrupt Your Attacker’s Business Model

Edge Cybersecurity technology

detect, remove and defend against Edge device cyberattacks automatically

If your business relies on critical assets to function, then the systems that control those assets are key targets for hackers.

MicroArx technology automatically detects cyber attacks—even unknown ones. And, once detected, MicroArx technology defeats the attacks and restores Edge devices to normal operation, typically in milliseconds.

Watch the video to see how our technology takes the profit out of attacking your Edge devices.

Edge Security Suite

MicroArx Edge Security Suite allows device developers to easily incorporate active defense and hardened security capabilities to defend against cyber attacks at the Edge.

Microarx edge security Suite includes:

  • MicroArx Detect to find zero day exploits

  • MicroArx Defeat to remove zero day exploits

  • MicroArx Defend to protect against zero day exploits

  • No patching or updating required

Secure your Edge devices  without needing to patch or update them.

Secure your Edge devices without needing to patch or update them.



In this video, MicroArx technology automatically detects, defeats and defends an Edge device against a sophisticated attacker without missing a beat.

The Threat

In this video, one of the nation’s foremost experts in cybersecurity, Professor Stephen Taylor, shares his thoughts about what business and technology leaders need to know about today’s sophisticated cyber threats, including:

  • Example real world attacks on Edge targets

  • A typical attack plan and workflow

  • Strategies to increase attacker workload and decrease attacker profits

  • Tools to disrupt the attacker business model

The Edge: the cybersecurity Battleground for the next decade

The computer systems most attractive to an attacker are systems at the Edge.


Attacking edge systems gives an attacker Maximum leverage by Giving the ability to:

  • Cause injury or death

  • Shut down critical business / infrastructure systems

  • Steal valuable intellectual property

Example edge systems:

  • Medical devices

  • Autonomous vehicles

  • Industrial control systems

  • Power generation and distribution systems

 Edge Appliances

DD Series

DD Series

MicroArx Edge Appliances connect any existing asset, anywhere, to the Cloud or an internal network quickly and securely.  And, none of them require any changes to your current setup.

MicroArx Edge Appliances are perfect for companies that need to transform their business with data, and want to rely on simple, cutting-edge cybersecurity.


  • Do not require any changes to your existing network

  • Can forward data to a server of your choice

  • Uses MicroArx Detect, Defeat and Defend technology


Before MicroArx Edge Appliances, connecting important assets to the Internet meant relying on risky software-enforced security, all to get a few bits of data from point A to point B.

With MicroArx Edge Appliances, digital transformation is simple and secure.


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